What to Expect When Filing a Grievance

What should you expect?

  • An acknowledgment of receipt of the grievance
  • A fair and impartial review performed by the Attorney Disciplinary Office (ADO)
  • An efficient disposition of your grievance (being mindful of the complexity of the matter, cooperation of all parties, and availability of documents, among other things, which may affect the time frame)
  • If a case is docketed, the ADO will investigate the matter and may communicate with you, the attorney, and in some cases, other parties, to obtain information
  • To receive official notification of the disposition of your grievance

What should you NOT expect?

  • Assistance or advice from the ADO with respect to your legal matter
  • Direction from the ADO to your attorney to take or refrain from a particular action
  • Representation by the ADO with respect to your legal matter
  • A referral by the ADO to a new lawyer to handle your matter*
  • Assistance in handling a fee dispute**
  • Reimbursement or other monetary compensation through the process***

* If you need a new attorney, contact the New Hampshire Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at www.nhbar.org/lawyer-referral-service.

**Fee disputes are not handled within the attorney discipline process. Individuals should pursue fee disputes with the New Hampshire Bar Association Dispute Resolution Committee at www.nhbar.org/nhba-dispute-resolution-committee/.

*** If you sustained a financial loss as a result of your attorney’s dishonest conduct, you may file a claim with the New Hampshire Bar Association Public Protection Fund. Claim forms and additional information may be found at www.nhbar.org/public-protection-fund.